TILONE SUBSEA LIMITED operates a "fleet" of “SMD Quarsar Compact 125 HP WROV a system fully fitted to support various types of subsea ROV operations including;

  • Offshore Drilling and Completion Support;

  • Subsea Construction and Installation Support;

  • Subsea Inspection, Maintenance & Repairs Activities; etc

The company also operates containerized “Air/Mixed Gas with Diving Decompression Chamber” system fully fitted to support various types of subsea diving operations including;

  • Offshore Drilling and Completion Support;

  • Subsea Construction and Installation Support;

  • Subsea Inspection, Maintenance & Repairs Activities

The  following  equipment  are  also   operated  by  Tilone  Subsea Limited; but when a project require extra equipment and marine spread we have available an assortment of equipment which we hire from various Marine Contracting companies which include offshore going Vessels, Barges, Lifting cranes, etc.

1.1 Remotely Operated Vehicles

 TILONE SUBSEA LIMITED operates the following Remotely Operated Vehicles.

1.2.1. Seaeye Falcon ROV

We operate a "fleet" of Seaeye Falcon ROVs rated to 300m with Air Conditioned 10’ ROV Control Cabin that houses the Surface Control Units, Computers, Printer, and a complete stock of Spares. Our Seaeye Falcon ROV is fitted with the following;

  • Imagenex 881A Sonar (Dual mode of Sector and Side Scan)

  • LinkQuest Tracklink 1500 USBL System

  • Garmin-188C GPS/Sonar/Sounder

  • KVH Azimuth 1000 Digital Compass

  • Steel Cable Cutter (19mm Diam.) on Skid

  • Single Function Manipulator

  • Contact and Proximity CP Probes

  • Cygnus Wall Thickness Measurement Probe

  • Flooded Member Detection (FMD) Probe

  • High Resolution Zoom Colour Camera mounted on 180 deg. tilt Platform

  • A second alternate High Resolution Colour Camera

  • Variable intensity 150 watts of Lighting (3 No.)


1.3 Diving, Inspection, Repair & Maintenance System & Equipment

  • Containerized Standard Air & Mixed Gas Diving Equipment, which consist of Helmets, Emergency bottle, Umbilical complete with Pneumo, Gas and Communication Panel, Air Rack, H.P. Compressor, Decompression Chamber etc;

  • Wet Bell Equipment

  • Underwater Cutting and Welding Equipment, which consist of 600  Amps  Welding  Machine,  Oxygen  Racks,  250m Hoses, Cutting and Welding Torches, Isolating Switch, all types of Electrodes.

  • Underwater Cleaning and Sand Blasting Equipment

  • Indepth Cleaning System

  • Hydraulic Underwater Hammer

  • Hydraulic Underwater Impact Wrench

  • Hydraulic Underwater Grinder

  • Underwater Photo/Video and Colour TV System

  • Underwater Digital Camera

  • Underwater Still Photo Camera

  • Bolting Machines

  • Various N.D.T. Equipment

  • Various Heavy/Light Duty Compressors

  • Various watertight Modules

  • Standard Airless Spray Equipment

The following accessories are also available;

  • Winch with 450m Tether + 300m spare Tether.

  • Hydraulic Winch, 5 Tonnes

We also mobilise at very short notice other ROV’s based on client requirement from Europe. These Work Class ROV’s include the following;

  • Seaye Panther Plus rated to 1,000m

  • Super Scorpio rated to 1,500m

  • Seaye Cougar rated to 2,000m

  • SMD Hydrovision Quantum rated to 3,500m

  • SMD Hydrovision Quarsar rated to 3,500m

1.4 Offshore Survey, Positioning & Environmental Equipment

  • C-NAV 2000 DGPS System

  • EIVA NAVIPAC Survey Package

  • HYPACK Max Survey Package

  • NAVTECH CRECENT VS110 DGPS + Heading System

  • NAVTECH HEMISPHERE R100 Positioning System

  • TRIMBLE DGPS 4000 & 5000 series


  • ROBERTSON SKR 82 Gyrocompass

  • GEOMETRICS 882 Marine Magnetometer

  • IMAGENEX YELLOWFIN Dual Frequency Side Scan Sonar

  • TRIMBLE TBTS 1000 Tail Buoy Tracking System

  • LINKQUEST Hydroacoustic Long Baseline Positioning

  • System (LBL)

  • HYDRO (6.3) Navigation & Data logging System

  • TSS 312 Annotation System

  • SIMRAD HPR 300 Underwater Positioning

  • ALCATEL Radio Modem Telemetry System

  • PACIFIC CREST Radio Modem Telemetry System

  • EDGETEK SB-216S Sub-bottom Profiler

  • ORE 140 Sub-bottom profiling system

  • ATLAS DESO 20 Single Beam Bathymetric System

  • SOKKIA 2000 Series Total Stations

  • WILD Automatic Levels

  • An Assortment of Survey Accessories

  • Grab Samplers

  • Water samplers/ profilers

  • A variety of In-situ Water Meters

  • A variety of In-situ Air Quality Meters

1.5     Construction Equipment

  • Barge (500 Tonnes), Impex, 2 No

  • Hydraulic Excavator 215D, Caterpillar, 1 No

  • Crane (25 Tonnes) 4 x 4, Grove, 1 No

  • Air Compressors – 250 cfm, Ingersoll-Rand, 2 No

  • Hydraulic Winch (5 Tonnes), Ingersoll-Rand, 2 No

  • Hydraulic Winch (20 Tonnes), Ingersoll-Rand, 1 No

  • Sandblasting Machines, Sablajet, 2 No

  • Generator set (27 KVA), Perkins, 2 No

  • Grinding machines, Bosh, 12 No

  • Cutting machines, Bosh, 10 No

  • Welding machines (Self propelled), Lincoln, 5 No

  • An  assortment of  various Rigging Up  equipment, Come- along, Tyfors, Hoist Chain Block etc.

  • An assortment of various hand tools

1.6   Onboard Processing Facilities

1.6.1  Onboard Office Facilities

To implement the daily administration, daily reports, on all our offshore operations the following office equipment come as standard. The equipment are usually placed in a dedicated air- conditioned office space onboard. All relevant survey documents, certificates, manuals, reference data etc are kept on file in the office.

  • PC complete with Printer

  • Photocopy machine

  • All necessary stationary

  • All necessary consumables, paper, printer cartridges, toner, filing boxes, etc

1.6.2 Post-processing, Positioning and Mapping

We are equipped with complete post-processing computer system including appropriate plotters and printers.

The off-line system have the necessary CPU capacity, internal memory, mass storage peripherals and all relevant software for carrying out re-computation of observed field data as well as performing standard geodetic computations and conversions.

Typical software packages are:-


  • HYDRO Hydrographic software

  • Microstation mapping software

  • AutoCad general drawing

  • Variety of standard MS Spreadsheet, Word-processing packages

Others are Data Processing Equipment which includes Digitizers, and a variety of other P.C’s.

1.7 Miscellaneous Equipment

The following instruments are available and usually mobilized for projects. These  standard  instruments/tools are  used  in conjunction with other systems where required or necessary.

  • Satellite Telephone (Thuraya)

  • VHF portable radios (two sets)

  • VHF transceivers

  • Still Photo Camera

  • Digital Photo Camera

  • Digital Camcorder

Tilone Vision

TILONE SUBSEA LIMITED is a Marine Contracting, Subsea Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (I.M.R.), Engineering, and Environmental Services company.

The company was originally incorporated on the 18th day of March 1993 as TILONE (NIGERIA) Limited, with Registration Certificate Number 218492 and commenced business on the 1st of June 1993.


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